How eSports Can Live Up to the Dream of Overwatch’s Diverse World by Nicholas Grayson

(This article originally appeared on VRV Blog. You can read it here.)

“Huh. I think I’m the only brown person in this room right now.”

I say that phrase to myself a lot. Most of the time—like when I’m at work, or back when I was in school—the thought would sidle up to my train of thought like some sort of bandit, hijacking it for a few seconds and then whispering, “This isn’t for you!” into my ear before kindly derailing the whole thing. When I’m at an event like E3 or Comic Con though, the metaphorical bandit doesn’t even need to hijack my train of thought—it’s already the conductor.

That voice in my head is what made walking into Blizzard Arena for the first time earlier this year a bit of a journey for me. I knew I liked Overwatch, and I knew I was excited about Overwatch League, but I was afraid that my affinity and excitement would be tested by the people around me when I sat down—it wouldn’t be the first time.

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