Florence | Niki's Favorite Games of 2018

Florence is kind of a game about you. And also me. It's about all of us, and the way we form and live through relationships. And that's wonderful. It reminded me a lot of What Remains of Edith Finch, which was on my list last year.

Overwatch | Niki's Favorite Games of 2018

Overwatch. It's a video game. I liked, played, and watched a lot of it in 2018, so I decided to talk about it in this, the first of 10 videos in my Game of the Year series.

(This video is part of my personal 2018 Game of The Year project.)

Intro | Niki's Favorite Games of 2018

It's game of the year time! I played a bunch of tremendous games over the course of 2018, and I want to tell y'all all about them.

I'm approaching this a little differently than I did last year, so this video serves as the opener for a playlist of videos that will be released over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Music: Church's Out + Just Kidding, Church Is Back by Louie Zong: https://louiezong.bandcamp.com/track/...

LEGO Disney Rapunzel's Traveling Caravan | Disney Princess Unboxings

Working with Disney on the Disney Princess YouTube channel while at Little Dot Studios, we created multiple pieces of original content including unboxing videos. I served as co-writer for the initial wave, setting the tone for future videos on the channel.

Behind The Art

Welcome to this week's episode of Behind The Art. This week, our host Nicholas Grayson brings us one of his own pieces. Exploring the ramifications of the failures of technology, Nicholas created two films that have the potential to change the world.

(This project was my final for my Experimental Film class. It screened to a bunch of people at American Television Access in San Francisco in May 2018. They liked it and I hope you do too.)

an infinite summer.

Forza Horizon completely changed the way I think about and consume music, and the series is one of my favorites ever. It got me to look at music differently, as a thing that had weight. Good music is good, it turns out.


Dragon Roost Island/Howl's Moving Castle by Louie Zong: https://louiezong.bandcamp.com/album/covers

Tangential Facebook/Twitter Video

As part of the promotion of my and Julianna's podcast Tangential, I create videos to promote each episode of the show on various social channels. This example, for episode 017, is aimed at Facebook and Twitter. 

Since we started publishing these short videos with a simple visual aesthetic with easily legible blurbs of text on-screen, we've seen an uptick in downloads.


Niki's Favorite Games of 2017

In this video, I talk about my top five favorite games of 2017 and why I loved them. There are seven games on the list. Got it? Okay.

2017 was such an unbelievable year for games, there are so many that I didn't play. For the first time, I have a backlog of games that I won't get to until next year. I can't wait to tear into some of them.

Huge thanks to the humans at Waypoint (http://youtube.com/waypoint and also http://new.donk.city), Polygon (http://youtube.com/polygon and also http://polygon.com, and Giant Bomb (http://youtube.com/therealgiantbomb and also http://cornfights.com) for making wonderful stuff and helping me understand games better.


Banded is a documentary film that spotlights a rock band ensemble class at the University of San Francisco. 


Co-produced with Diego Aranda.

IKEA Sponsored Content

I was in a piece of IKEA sponsored content in August 2016 with YouTuber Andre “BlackNerd”. It was a really cool experience, and I learned a lot about how to be talent on a commercial. (It’s mostly standing around.)