My work for the University of San Francisco centered around our Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr channels, with an additional focus on copywriting for our Facebook and Twitter pages. Over the course of the 2016/17 and 2017/18 school years, we solidified our social video presence through a focus on Instagram Stories, and continued to explore how social video could be used to embody the values of USF's student population.

Instagram (@USFCA)

The Instagram page is the school's most trafficked vertical, with 15k+ followers. I assisted in the selection of photographs that we receive from our in-house media team, as well as the creation of copy for the images. 

Stories (Instagram + Snapchat)

The story formats I helped establish connected our student body to the the day to day happenings at the university. Segments ranged from coverage of on-campus fairs, to Spectacles-enhanced campus tours. 

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Tumblr (Ask Dons)

Ask Dons is a Tumblr blog that answers questions that prospective and current students may have about the University. As the blog's moderator, I was tasked with answering these questions and reformatting responses to fit other content channels.