Personal Channels

Positioning myself as a social media professional and then not providing links to my own accounts would be wild. So, here they are!


Twitter (@godsewa)

Twitter dot com. It’s my favorite platform, and where I go to create comedic gold*, participate in The Discourse™, and live tweet sports and video game streams.

The unique confines and speed of Twitter draws me to it – the narratives are different every day, and figuring out how to consume and/or participate in those narratives push me to think about what will and won’t work on it.

Instagram (@niki.grayson)

Sometimes I take photos and videos, and then I post my favorite ones to Instagram.

Novel, right?

I like to play around with formats on Stories, because the idea of an ephemeral video channel is so good at making anyone’s profile “appointment viewing”.

YouTube (Nicholas Grayson)

The long form videos that won’t fit on Instagram end up on YouTube. I make video essays on movies and video games, and when I’m feeling particularly creative, I’ll post some more narrative or experimental stuff on there.